Early Learning Goals

outcomes in 2015/16

Currently the proportion of pupils achieving a 'Good Level of Development' (meeting all their early learning goals) is above average and shows a rapid improved on previous years. Having identified areas for improvement we achieved this by investing in a new phonics scheme which helped more pupils achieve their goals in Reading. We also made better use of online technologies to put our pupil profiles together. This helped our staff gather a more accurate picture about what the next steps in our pupils' learning were.

In the summer of 2016, to make sure that our assessments were accurate we were moderated by the local authority.

Percentage of pupils achieving a Good Level of Development
Salterlee 2014 Salterlee 2015 Salterlee 2016
62.5% 66.7% 86.7%


priorities for 2016/17

To further improve our results for 2017, we are now focussing on providing parents with greater opportunities to contribute towards the assessment of their pupils.