Our Key Stage 1 results in 2016 showed a number of strengths and weaknesses. In particular, on a positive side attainment at greater depth (the highest standard available) in all subjects was close to or above national figures. On the negative side the proportion of pupils who achieved the expected standards in Writing and Maths was below the national figures.

Keys Stage 1 Attainment 2016

Subject      Expected Standard      Greater Depth

Reading             75% (Nat 74%)        44% (Nat 24%)

Writing              56% (Nat 65%)        25% (Nat 13%)

Maths                56% (Nat 73%)        19% (Nat 18%)

Moderation in Calderdale 2016

During 2016 pupils were assessed against new national standards for the first time.There have been a number of stories published in the media about inconsistencies in how these were applied in different authorities. The relative under achievement of Calderdale schools in 2016 has led widely to the suggestion that the moderation process applied to schools within the authority was overly harsh. As one of the schools who was moderated in 2016 we have the view that the assessments made were an accurate reflection of our pupils attainment against the standards.

Priorities for 2017

Having looked closely at the progress and attainment being made by our current Year 2 pupils, we are confident that results in 2017 will show a marked improvement. However, we remain focussed on those pupils now in Year 3 who did not achieve the expected standards in Writing and Maths in 2016. Interventions are in place and in partnership with schools within our cluster we are using newly created end of Year 3 expectations to make sure that pupils who need to, catch up quickly.