Approach to Reading

Reading at Salterlee, including its links to Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GPS); and Phonics, are seen as an integral part of learning rather than a separate subject to be learned independently.

The school aims to address the learning of reading with a three pronged approach:

  1. The teaching of Phonics and GPS in daily lessons
  2. The incorporation of the teaching of reading into all lessons across the curriculum
  3. The opportunity for free choice of reading during the school day

Depending on the age and reading age of each child, the opportunities to read will differ following a progression from learning the mechanics of reading, up to the deepening of inference skills while reading. Continuing from the Read, Write, Inc.  Phonics programme, children in Classes 3 and 4 will follow this discrete learning approach to acquire the year group specific spelling (Read, Write Inc. Spelling) and, grammar requirements (Read, Write, Inc. Literacy and Language’).

The teaching of reading in KS1 will be based around guided practice of reading along with opportunities to practice independently or with adults and more able peers. Across the school learning will be based on quality texts, including the teaching of higher level inference skills. This will start from Class one where the continuous curriculum is based on children’s immersion in new stories and activity areas, and will continue throughout the age ranges, allowing children to see the link between quality reading and learning.

In addition to these teaching approaches, a love of reading will be nurtured through giving children specific times to have free choice of the books they read, the time to read, share, discuss and recommend books as well as the environments in which to read them.