Approach to Relationships, SEX and health Education (RshE)


Government advice for parents

The Government have now introduced new guidance for the teaching of Relationships and Health Education (RHE) in schools. Information on this for parents can be read below. Additionally an FAQ section can be found here FAQs.

Consultation on rshe policy at salterlee

During the summer term 2021 we consulted parents, pupils and staff around the development of our RSHE curriculum and resources.

Pupils View - In the main pupils were happy about the content contained in the PSHE Society thematic approach (see below) and wanted to know more about 'Growing and changing'.

Staff View - staff felt that the themes covered in the scheme were comprehensive and the resources of high quality and 'up-to-date' and that this would help them feel confident in its delivery. Staff also asked that they have flexibility in delivering particular themes to year groups rather than whole-classes and that smaller groups be used to encourage more discussion where content may prove embarrassing for some.   

Parents View - The outcomes of the parental consultation can be below:



Leadership of RshE at salterlee

Throughout the implementation process for RSHE the headteacher (Mark Scott) will lead the subject with Felicity Sutcliffe (School Governor) taking the role of Link Governor. Moving forward RSHE will be lead by Hannah Gibson as part of her wider role as PSHE Leader.


POLICY and Approach to RSHE and PSHE at Salterlee

Click here to download our approach to RSHE and PSHE including our long-term curricular plan.

Click here to download our latest RSHE and PSHE Policy.