British Values

At Salterlee Primary School we are committed to serving our local community and recognise our pupils as major future stakeholders in society. We encourage them to take an active role in both our school and the wider community. Our core values exert a positive influence on everyone in all areas of school life.

embedded in our curriculum

To make sure that British Values are reinforced throughout our curriculum all our topic plans contain examples of how teachers will incorporate them into the children's learning.

To help our pupils explore the key concepts which make up our values we organise themed weeks. These are well attended by families to make sure that everyone in our school community gets to enjoy learning about what makes our country a fantastic place to live. 


To prepare our pupils for successful futures we aim to promote and reinforce fundamental British values throughout everything we do in school. Examples of these can be seen in the table below.


  • all children involved in democratic process through school council elections
  • weekly voting for class 'star of the week' award
  • curricular coverage of British democratic process
  • visits to school assembly by local councillors and Parliamentary candidates during elections.
  • termly class debates to model the value of collectively listening to different opinions before voting on which is most widely shared.

individual liberty

  • children apply for and undertake a wide variety of jobs in school. They are rewarded for this work through the 'salty system (school currency). Jobs include; librarians, gardeners, animal welfare officers, infant reading support, book monitors, gatekeepers, play-leaders
  • children learn how to make choices and decisions safely through e-safety, PHSE curriculum, regular circle time and assemblies
  • Anti-bullying lessons and assemblies teach children about different types of bullying including homophobic.

mutual respect

  • collective worship based around Christian values
  • PSHE timetabled in every class, embodying mutual respect through units on relationships and decision-making
  • participation in anti-bullying week
  • links with local schools through sports etc.
  • participation in termly class debates to promote the acceptance of different opinions

rule of law

  • school behaviour policy is understood and followed by all
  • links with local police and fire service
  • curricular coverage of British legal system
  • curricular coverage of historical significance of Magna Carta
  • educational visits to magistrates courts

tolerance for those of different faiths and beliefs

  • regular visits to school assemblies from members of different faith communities
  • linking with culturally diverse school (Whitehall Academy) through the Calderdale Museum Services schools linking programme
  • Educational visits to places of worship for different faiths
  • participation in BBC World Class online debates