our approach to mathS

At Salterlee Primary School we encourage children to be confident mathematicians who thrive on challenges and explain their mathematical reasoning through concrete, abstract and pictorial methods. We aim to scaffold, challenge and support children in mathematics through interventions with trained staff. These interventions may take place in or out of class dependent on needs.



At Salterlee Primary School all staffed are provided with quality training from WRMH:

  • EYFS staff have completed a course in 2018/19 in order to increase the number of children reaching exceeding in Maths in the Early Years.
  • Maths Lead completed a TRG in Mastery Maths in 2018/19.
  • HLTA’s and TA’s attend subject knowledge courses in order to ensure knowledge is up to date to effectively support children in class and in interventions.
  • All staff have annual internal training in order to support children. This is in a targeted area and decided by teaching staff.



At Salterlee Primary School we aim to ensure:

  • All children become fluent in fundamental mathematical concepts. Through frequent practice, children are able to recall knowledge rapidly and accurately.
  • All children can reason mathematically using key terminology and showing a strong understanding. This can be through demonstrating relationships in problems and following lines of enquiry.
  • All children can solve problems using their knowledge by breaking problems down into smaller steps.



 In our lessons you will see

  • Adults and children showing a love of maths and resilient attitudes.
  • High expectations of learning to enable all children to be challenged.
  • Concrete, pictorial and abstract methods and resources being used throughout lessons to support learning and reasoning.
  • Children completing tasks using fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills.
  • Children and adults using key mathematical language.
  • Quality questioning from adults to challenge and meet the needs of different children.
  • Effective interventions that highlight children’s needs quickly and respond appropriately.
  • Quality feedback, both verbal and written, for children to respond to deepen their understanding.



At Salterlee Primary School we follow White Rose Maths Hub (WRMH) scheme of learning. This provides long term plans broken down into small steps to ensure teaching is progressive and consistent across year groups. Staff also use others sources to support children’s learning such as challenges by the NRich and No Problem Maths Textbooks. Children all have access to Numbots and Times Table Rockstars to ensure they build on the key knowledge and are able to recall these quickly and accurately.


At Salterlee pupils are taught in mixed aged classes with progression following the Mixed Age progression matrix developed by the White Rose Maths Hub.

Progression Matrix



White Rose Maths Hub (WRMH): https://whiterosemaths.com

Numbots: http://play.numbots.com

Times Table Rockstars: https://ttrockstars.com

NRich: https://nrich.maths.org

Kangaroo Maths: https://kangaroomaths.co.uk



Mathematical Vocabulary Progression Policy

Salterlee Calculation Policy