our approach to mathS


We currently work closely with advisors from the White Rose Maths Hub at the Trinity Teaching School Alliance to make sure that our maths lessons allow pupils to deveop their fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills.To help our teachers achieve this we have worked with advisors from the MathsHub and teachers from other schools to develop and trial units of work specific designed for schools with mixed age classes. 

The aim of our maths curriculum is to ensure that pupils master key mathematical concepts to a level of depth where they can apply them in practical contexts.

To help us achieve this, in October 2015 we introduced a scheme of work called Maths No Problem which is based on what is called 'The Singapore Method'. The core themes of this are that pupils are taught key skills in a logical sequence with concrete, pictorial and abstract representations all used to support the introduction of new learning. Additionally pupils are encourage to reason about their learning by exploring and explaining their methods in greater detail. This is a central theme in Singapore Maths where the learning is focussed on achieving mastery rather than moving on to new concepts too quickly.

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