PE and Sports Premium FUNDING

WHat is the PE and Sport Premium

In April 2013 the Government announced new funding of £150 million for each academic year until 2020 for Physical Education and Sport. This is often referred to as Sport Premium. This funding is to be used to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sports. 

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How much funding has Salterlee received

In 2017/18 Salterlee recveived £16,850

In 2018/19 Salterlee recveived £17,060

In 2019/20 Salterlee will receive £16,840

Our School Vision

When they leave Salterlee all our pupils should have tried a broad range of physical activities. They should have developed a positive attitude towards physical activity and understand that this is an important element in leading a healthy lifestyle. They should enjoy routinely participating in sport and know where they can go to further their interests outside of school. Fear of failure should not be seen as a barrier to taking part. 

How  this vision is acheived

We do not accept that our limited space, facilities and expertise should be a barrier to achieving our vision. To overcome these challenges we have focussed our action plans on investing in staff development, making better use of community resources and widening our range of inclusive activities.

To learn more about our action plan for 2019/20 click the link below:     

PE and Sports Development Plan 2019/20 - coming soon

how the funding is allocated in school

Click the links below to see how we have used the Sports Premium to achieve our action plans.

Funding Report 2018/19 - coming soon